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"When it comes to working as a team, we share the same vision, and value and respect everyone’s participation in making the magic happen. Creativity and innovation is in all of us, and shared ideas are our collective responsibility. We make sure that all opinions are heard and that we listen and learn as we move forward. This freedom unites us as a team and fully allows the expression of ideas and aspirations while excluding negativity and dysfunction. Harmony and happiness are what brings love into our lives. We share, we care. We are better together!"

About Charlena

Charlena Hansen

When I entered the world of real estate several years ago, my experiences challenged me to do things in a different way. 
I realised that having freedom to use my ideology, improve my growth and keep my identity were the most important part of me going forward. 
Through all the learning experiences of those past years I now surround myself with people who share the same vision as I do. 
Team work is no competition, and we are all working together with humility, fairness and a sense of caring as our principal mantra.
Harmony creates happiness and we see the stars when we all care more about each other than the profit that we earn. 

We hope to be an example and set a trend because this is our life and it matters how we live it. 
We change the dynamics, we change the results. 

We are a team that works better together!

Be part of the Dream Team

Do you want to integrate a team with a happy, friendly atmosphere and a good working environment? At Charlena Hansen Real Estate, we are passionate about our job and we welcome the like-minded, passionate people! If you are a skilful and ambitious person with a drive for real estate, now is your chance to become part of our Dream Team. 


Please send us your CV at: info@charlenahansen.com

Charlena Hansen


Founder & CEO

My working philosophy is building relationships of trust, where all participants benefit, it’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about US working together as ONE.

Charlena Hansen


Sales Director

Working with Charlena? There are so many different things compared to other companies that sometimes it's hard to call it work. For her, people come before business, because deep down she knows that our business is all about people. Values comes before skills, I guess to create a happy and healthy work environment where learning new skills is easier. Her vision and principles are clear and she knows how to transmit them and lead by example.

Charlena Hansen


Sales Leader

For me, working in this company means much more than just a job.The quality of the relationships between the colleagues is remarkable, we work in an atmosphere of trust, humility, companionship, generosity and constant support, starting with Charlena Hansen who is the one who gives name to all this, passing through the people in the office, the Luxe Escapes department and ending with the sellers.Every day, we are consolidating and growing as a team in all areas, as we get to know each other better and make each other more efficient through our mutual support.I feel lucky to be part of this wonderful family.

Charlena Hansen


Office Leader

I feel grateful and humbled to be surrounded by an amazing and diverse team.We are not just a team, we are a family.

Charlena Hansen


Office Leader

I am delighted to work in this company, from the first moment I have felt a wonderful energy and I am looking forward to contribute and grow with this great team.

Charlena Hansen


Future Member

I visited the Charlena Hansen Real Estate and immediately felt comfortable with its vibe and spirit. Now, I am part of this creative and authentic team, and it was the best decision of my life.

Love from our clients

  • Testimonial Julia Pavarde
    Julia Pavarde

    Thank you very much for your dedication to what you do. You made us feel cared for at all times, with both great professionalism and affection. We must highlight your punctuality and concern for every detail in the process. Thank you very much for helping us to fulfill our dream.

  • Testimonial Rene

    Top estate agent office, very friendly, helpful and very competent ! In short, the people know what they are doing!

  • Testimonial Emil Hlal
    Emil Hlal

    Charlena was very helpful with my moving process and made everything easier and faster. She was very polite and professional and she even helped with moving my bags. I definitely recommend her.

  • Testimonial Ana

    Very professional, we closed the deal with the first virtual visit.

  • Testimonial Tilka Katrin Becker
    Tilka Katrin Becker

    Dear Charlena, thank you for the professional care. Kind regards, Katrin.

  • Testimonial Guadalupe González
    Guadalupe González

    Highly recommended! Always attentive, fast and very responsive, without a doubt we will continue to choose Charlena's work, advice and knowledge of the market. Thank you very much!

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